Our adoption fee is $165.00. Once you are approved for the adoption and for the cat you want, payment of this fee permits you to adopt that cat. You are not buying; therefore, the cats are not products that come with guarantees. The fee applies to program participation, not to the cat. It is applied to support the program, not to offset the costs of a particular cat. The overall costs on some cats can be over $1000. This fee is not negotiable. In addition, it is not refundable. As a gauge, consider the following: Office visit and exam: $45 each visit Feline viruses and heartworm test: $80 Fecal Float test: $25 Deworming: $12-30 FVRCP (up to three): $20 each FeLV vaccination (two): $35 each Rabies vaccination: $25 Spay/Neuter: $170/$120 CapStar: $12 Flea/Tick Preventative: $8/month Microchip: $55 The above does not take into account all the food and litter, plus any ear cleaning or medications for illness, infections, and other conditions. Your fee of $165 is a wonderful bargain that gives the adopted kitty a good start in its new life. We require personal documentation. Your address on your drivers license must be current. Bring other proof of address, such as a utility bill in your name. Because of our post-adoption support and return poilicy, we generally do not adopt to people not living in the immediate Dallas area. If you rent, bring proof of a paid pet deposit, if such a deposit is required. If it is not required, bring proof from the landlord stating such. Adoption consideration for an animal is generally on a first-come, first-served basis, with final decision based on application review. However, on occasion, we reserve the right to accept applications for a specific cat for a period of time. We then make the decision for adoption based upon the various applications, not first-come, first-served. We do not reserve animals for individuals. Each successful adoption receives a comprehensive medical folder on the cat. This folder also contains all the documentation related to the adoption plus information on pet health insurance and a post-asoption checklist. An unsuccessful adoption does not necessarily mean that you are completely denied; it usually means that the cat would not be successful in your home environment but that another one might. All adoptions are approved or denied by Kitty Save.

About Our Adoptable Cats

All our adoptable cats are spayed and neutered before they are presented for adoption and are healthy to the best of our knowledge and based on medical history. Most are microchipped. In addition, they are... Tested for feline viruses Vaccinated with vaccines that are appropriate for the age of the cat Examined for overall health Observed for temperament and personality Treated for any health conditions prior to adoption; however, some may be chronic with no cure Treated with flea preventative Dewormed Because our adoptable cats live in foster homes, not in cages, they learn house etiquette, are gauged for tolerance to other pets, and treated as members of the family. Still, we cannot guarantee the health, behavior, or temperament of any cat we adopt out. We recommend that any established pets be fully vaccinated before you bring any new pet into your home. Also, our cats live in smoke-free and vaping-free homes, and we expect to place them in such homes for their continued safety and well being.

After Your Adoption

After your adoption, we support you as follows: We provide information on low cost pet health insurance options plus 30 days of free pet health insurance to get you started. We conduct followup phone support and continue with you as needed but will not provide financial support. We perform year-end contact. We reserve the right to perform home visits for any reason and may require one prior to adoption. You are required to notify us of any address, employment, or telephone number change until the anniversary of the adoption. We accept the return of Kitty Save kitties you can no longer support.
We have an adoption process that focuses on finding suitables homes for the cats in our care. Our primary goal is to serve the best interests of the cats. Our adoptions are conducted at The Charming Cat Corner. Kitty Save has the responsibility for approving or denying an adoption. To adopt... Visit us at The Charming Cat Corner in Music City Mall of Lewisville where you can meet the kitties personally seven days a week. Browse the list of adoptable animals on our home page and contact us about any that interest you. Complete an application and a legally binding contract which states what you must and must not do with the adopted cat. The contract also makes any disclosures about the health and behavior of the cat. If the application is approved, you submit the adoption fee which permits you to go forward with the adoption. These documents are available in our adoption center The Charming Cat Corner.
How to Adopt