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The Charming Cat Corner
Vista Ridge Mall
Lewisville, TX
Mon-Sat. 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Sun. noon-5:00 p.m.

Kitty Save is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its volunteers, public support, and donations. We have no paid staff. Our reward is seeing our wonderful creatures going home to their secure futures.

We always need volunteers to help make our program more productive and effective in its goal to serve as an animal rescue, education advocate, and adoption service. Our current volunteer opportunities include the following:

  • Cat Residence Attendants -- These volunteers tend to the needs of the cats residing in the The Charming Cat Corner at Vista Ridge Mall. They ensure that the kitties have ample food and water plus have clean litter boxes and comfortable living space. They also get to spend time with each cat and give it as much personal attention as they want. On weekends, these volunteers help the staff at The Charming Cat Corner with the guests visiting the cats in residence.

  • Foster Families -- These volunteers provide love and care for animals in our foster program. They give the animals a nurturing, safe environment. They bring the foster animals to the adoption events and can either volunteer to help out during the event, or they can pick up their charges at the close of the event. On occasion, they may be invited to return to an event when an animal they care for is being adopted. It's a good kind of farewell.

To volunteer as an attendant, you must complete a volunteer release form and agree to fulfilling responsibilities as scheduled.

To volunteer as a foster, you must complete an application, complete the guidelines agreement, accept the handbook, and undergo a home visit. You may not adopt the cats that you foster until after your first year as a foster.

Please visit VolunteerMatch for details on these volunteer opportunities and how to contact us regarding them.

[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]

 All About Fostering

Dusty Rainbolt has written an excellent article on fostering and why it is so valuable. It is The Beauty and Magic of Fostering at the Cat Channel.

Kitty Save Foster Home Q & A

What do foster homes do?
Foster homes make it possible to rescue homeless cats from a variety of situations by giving them temporary care and shelter until they are adopted. Foster homes play a crucial role in rehabilitating rescued cats. They help young ones get a good start in life. They help abused or neglected ones learn how to love and trust again. They provide security for those who have lost their homes but not their hope. Foster homes provide love and guardianship. They meet the needs of the cats in their care, which includes transport to and from veterinary appointments and adoption events. It also means giving any necessary medication and cleaning up after the cat.

What support does a foster home get?
Kitty Save is committed to supporting its foster families to further the mission of guaranteeing the well being and security of the cats in its program. However, Kitty Save has no income stream and relies on nominal fees, donations, and charities. As supplies are available, we distribute them to foster homes, but provision is not guaranteed. Provision is based on availability and the number of Kitty Save cats in foster care within a particular household. Veterinary care is provided at various designated pet clinics.

What are the requirements?
To be a foster parent, you must love animals and have the time and resources to legally and safely provide care. Other requirements vary depending upon the needs of a given cat. Some cats need lots of quiet and serenity. Some need space to call their own; others need extra time to adjust. We try to match each foster family with an appropriate kitty. Prepare yourself to be called "Fluffy's Foster Mommy" or "Simon's Foster Daddy."

What kinds of cats need foster care?
Kitty Save needs foster homes for adults, kittens, moms with newborns, and orphaned newborns. We also need foster homes for cats that are ill or injured and require medical care. Some foster homes specialize in fostering a specific kind of cat while others choose to foster whatever cat is in need. All foster cats need love and reassurance that life is going to get good from now on.

How long do cats spend in foster care?
The time a cat spends in foster care ranges from one night to several months. We greatly appreciate any time commitment a foster home can make.

How do foster cats find their Forever Families?
Kitty Save takes full responsibility for finding permanent adoptive homes for foster animals and accepts any help or introductions that would further the goal of finding Forever Families. We encourage foster parents to let friends know that their foster cats are available for adoption, but anyone interested in adopting must contact Kitty Save. Kitty Save presents its cats exclusively at The Charming Cat Corner inside the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville seven days a week. We encourage foster parents to help out on weekends so they can brag about their kitties to potential adopters. We make every effort to match cats with homes that meet their needs. Foster parents help immensely in this process by providing information regarding personality, adjustment requirements, and other needs. Any input a foster parent can give is appreciated and taken into consideration during the adoption process. At some point, a foster parent may be asked to bring a fostered cat to The Charming Cat Cornerr so the kitty has greater exposure to potential Forever Families.

What if I can't give up my foster cat?
Ah…we have a rule in place to handle such a dilemma: You may not adopt the first year you foster. There are three reasons. One – we don't want people pretending to foster so they can "test-drive" a cat. Secondly, we want you to learn how thrilling it is to send your foster kitty off to its new Forever Family. Thirdly, we want to keep you as a foster parent. We want you to do this for the kitties.

What happens after my foster cat is adopted?
You get a new one. You also get a big hug.

How do I get started?
Email us or chat with us at The Charming Cat Corner.

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